Yale Helix Group​

A student-ran healthtech incubator that combines undergraduate talent and clinician expertise with the best startup and technical development guidance.  

Our Purpose: To make Healthcare Innovation Accessible for Students & Doctors

The Problem:

It's especially challenging for healthtech entrepreneurship projects to have the ingredients of success

For a strong start... you'll need at least:


Diligent screening with proven model

For Students

Helix provides huge
growth opportunities

Took intro CS classes before Helix, now using research models from tensorflow to create neural network for diabetic retinopathy

Created a HIPAA compliant database and application

Biomedical engineer major who found her passion prototyping AI-driven imaging device

Discovered a love of  CS through Helix and is now planning a CS degree


For Mentors

Helix provides access to talented students
to create ventures

Dr. Shawn Ong

Yale Internal Medicine Resident

Worked on Medbase

Working with the Helix group has been truly inspiring. Their advanced level of experience and insight has propelled our project from concept to development and testing. We are able to accomplish these goals together in a rapid timeframe through our strong partnership.

Dr. Arjun Gokhale

Yale Internal Medicine Resident

Worked on Medbase

I've really enjoyed working with the Helix group and helping see my ideas turn into reality... The talented members of the Helix group have taken a leading role in business strategy and software development to create a meaningful product to solve an everyday problem for clinicians.


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